1. Connecting the Unconnected: An Introduction to Applied Creativity

Starting with an overview of creativity, including theories underpinning creative education, Connecting the Unconnected invites teachers to reflect on their own creative practice and consider how they plan for creative instances within a scheme of work. Connecting the Unconnected works with teachers to make links between concepts and contexts in order to apply creativity to their classroom practice.

This session is suitable for all teachers working with all age groups and abilities.  


Training will take place in house or at pop-up learning contexts and lasts half a day. 

2. A Morning of Inspiration

A Morning of Inspiration is the second unit and seeks to use the community as a learning canvas. Responding to an increased focus on critical thinking and problem solving within education, A Morning of Inspiration will take you out of your comfort zone to engage with new ideas and challenges.   Designed for those interested in moving their professional development beyond the confines of a traditional school setting, this session enables you to explore a community with other creative thinkers as you seek to re-design learning within your own class/school context. The training will effectively explore how we can remove barriers between schools and communities to allow for the free movement of learning.


Training will take place within the community and at pop-up learning contexts.


This session is designed to run for half a day and is suitable for teachers of all levels and ages.

3. Fashion's Biological Future

Fashion's Biological Future will explore biology, notably human reproduction, through the prism of fashion and identity.  While adhering to biology curricula objectives, it will move to explore the connections between the first 1,000 days of human gestation and fashion   It will then move to examine the role of wearable technology and offer students an opportunity to create their own wearable device.


Reflecting on their learning through the medium of photography, teachers and their students will plan a concept for a photoshoot to integrate all aspects of learning carried out during the programme. Developed for project-based learning, this session is designed to run for six weeks to one full term, with support provided throughout.  Training will take place in house, at community level and at pop-up learning contexts.


Fashion's Biological Future is particularly suitable for teachers working at key transition stages. These include: the transition from primary to secondary, the transition from secondary to further or higher education, as well as non-exam classes.  It is also designed to provide science teachers an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from other subject areas.  

Training will be tailored to suit the learning needs of your school and community.